Ares Security Vehicle displays Panthera at the 2012 Defence Expo


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Ares Security Vehicles manufactures armoured vehicles for civilian as well as military use. Incorporation of the latest technologies and materials makes their armoured vehicles withstand more firepower while weighing less than conventional armoured vehicles.


ASV integrates reinforced materials into the vehicle’s cab to reduce offset weight distribution from heavy armour plating of the vehicle. The ASV team specialises in various aspects of armoured vehicle design and the use of fully certified materials and tightly controlled overheads allow them to create cost effective and reliable solutions.


The ASV Panthera showcased at the 7th Land, Naval and Internal Security Systems Defence Expo was based on the 79 series Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up truck. It comes with a 4.2-litre turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, but a petrol engine option is also available. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.


The Panthera light armoured personnel carrier can be specified with a 2+5 seater or a 2+10 seater layout. The air-conditioned cabin can be tailored for specific requirements. Also on offer are blast mitigating seats along with an emergency stretcher and first-aid kit besides a host of communications, surveillance and electronic counter measure equipment.


Tool boxes, jerry can holders, shovels, sand ladders etc can be specified along with remote controlled roof mounted search lights and cameras as well as options for roof mounted gun turret, side and rear gun turrets, roof hatches and roof rails.


The ASV Panthera can be tailored to take on different situations ranging from wars, terrorist attacks to urban conflicts and unrest.











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